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Meet Janette

"Alma" in Spanish means soul

Hola! My name is Janette Cordero and I offer bilingual therapeutic services to adults and adolescents in Austin, TX. I moved to Austin from San Antonio in 2004, where my work with youth and their families first began. Since then I have helped numerous adults and teens cope with traumatic events, personal crises, difficult relationships, and problematic behaviors.

My passion is social justice. As a first generation American, Latina, and member of the LBGTQIA+ community, I have learned the critical, sometimes dire, importance of advocating for the rights and voices of marginalized groups. I enjoy providing a safe therapeutic space for members of underrepresented communities, as these resilient individuals also deserve a place of peace. To quote one of my former clients, I have been committed to anti-discrimination work "before it was cool." I embrace the unique differences between individuals; sameness is not required for us to work effectively together.

My basic philosophy:

Therapy is not about becoming perfect or "fixed"; it’s about acknowledging and cultivating the greatness that is already within you and appreciating the uniqueness that makes you singular.

To elaborate, I believe resiliency exists in all of us, but at times we can lose sight of our strengths and resources if we are overwhelmed by life. In times of stress, most of us yearn to remember what it is like to feel and be whole. That’s what I want for all my clients. During our therapeutic journey, we will discover, connect with, and heal old hurts that may be affecting your present and create a greater understanding, deeper love, and strong appreciation for the singular being you are today. I hope to help you enhance your problem-solving skills; fine-tune your thinking patterns; compassionately learn from your mistakes; and set goals, feeling empowered all along the way. If you begin therapy willing to overcome difficulties rather than avoid problems, I believe our work together will be life altering. This is your time, your space, your life, and I am honored to be part of the ride.

People often ask me how I can do this type of work and remain genuinely compassionate. For starters, self-care is vital. I have wonderful people in my life and the best dog ever to provide me daily support and comfort. Also, while respecting the feelings of my clients and the adversity they face, I use humor in my practice, always with a tender approach. I try not to take myself too seriously and find that self-compassion and laughter are often incredibly healing.

ProTip: My YouTube channel has a playlist of funny YouTube videos, just in case you need a quick laugh.


"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line."

Lucille Ball


2023 Announcement: Janette S. Cordero, LCSW-S will open her waitlist, as she starts taking new clients in the spring. 

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