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About Me

"Alma" in Spanish means soul

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Hola! My name is Janette Cordero, and I offer bilingual therapeutic services to adults and adolescents in Austin, TX. I moved to Austin from San Antonio in 2004, where my work with youth and their families began. Since then, I have helped numerous adults and teens cope with traumatic events, personal crises, complex relationships, and problematic behaviors.

My passion is social justice. As a first-generation American, Latina, and member of the LBGTQIA+ community, I have learned the critical, sometimes dire, importance of advocating for the rights and voices of marginalized groups. I enjoy providing a safe therapeutic space for members of underrepresented communities, as these resilient individuals also deserve a place of peace with culturally responsive and inclusive support. To quote one of my former clients, I have been committed to anti-discrimination work "before it was cool." I embrace the unique differences between individuals; sameness is not required for us to work effectively together.

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Janette Lotus Heart black_edited_edited_

People often ask me how to do this work and remain genuinely compassionate. For starters, self-care is vital. I love watching stand-up comedy and cheesy rom-coms. I'm an avid audiobook listener. I have wonderful friends, family, and the best dog for daily support and comfort. Also, while respecting the feelings of my clients and the adversity they face, I use humor in my practice, always with a tender approach. I try not to take myself too seriously and find that self-compassion and laughter are often incredibly healing.



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I met Janette at a woman’s self-defense weekend... She helped many of us work through our stories that weekend. She didn’t judge. She didn’t pity. She didn’t offer advice. She was; however, there to help, in any capacity we needed her to. She listened. She saw us. Really saw us. She held space for us. She didn’t make any of us feel like victims. Rather, she helped several of us see the badass women we are.  -DH

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Janette saw me and offered her assistance. Her patience was invaluable. Not once did she rush me or put words in my mouth. She guided me through resetting my thoughts, breathing exercises, and used her experience to help me work on issues that had plagued me for years. The tools to reframe were always within me and Janette helped me find

them. -RV


Janette has changed the way I see and love myself. She helped me heal parts of myself that I had been trying to push away my whole life. She's funny and nerdy smart. Always taking some training and bringing new sh*t to our sessions. I just really appreciate her. I saw this other therapist before that, she didn't get me. Janette got me and even double-checked that she got me. -EL

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