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How do I find my ideal therapist?

If this is your first time looking for a therapist, it might feel overwhelming, which is normal. I invite you to think about it like this… You are literally paying someone to listen and help you, which means you’re the BOSS. I suggest you research, e.g., examine their professional websites and review their profiles on Psychology Today’s therapist directory and social media pages. You could also consult with a few therapists before selecting one. Most therapists, myself included, offer a free brief phone consultation to answer questions you may have for them. Do they have experience working with clients with similar obstacles you may be confronting? Does the therapist appear accommodating to meet you where you are in life? Do their fees work with your financial budget? Does their availability and office location work for your schedule? Are there values your therapist must have or shouldn't have for it to work, like deal breakers? If you’re allergic to cats and your therapist has a therapy cat (hmm, is that a thing?)… it might not work out. After our first session, I suggest you reflect on the following: What’s your first impression of me? Do you feel heard and understood? Do I remind you of someone you hate? Gulp! Am I someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable?

What will my first session with Janette be like?

Going to most therapists for the first time is like going to a new doctor. You will look through your phone in the waiting room, only my room is a lot warmer. Then, you meet your clinician (me!). During our first meeting, we will discuss your history, the motivation behind pursuing therapy, and your goals for our time together. This is also your chance to get to know me and my therapeutic style and affirm that I am a good match for you. I also offer a free initial phone consultation to make sure I am the right fit for you and to answer any questions you may have. After our first few sessions, outdoor "walk and talk" sessions are an option.

Does Janette take insurance?

Yes, in partnership with Headway, there is designated availability to clients with Aetna insurance. I can provide private pay clients an itemized receipts for their insurance company for partial or full reimbursement for their out-of-network therapy benefits. 

What is she, like, 18 years old?

First of all, don’t worry; I get that question all the time. Secondly, my first concert was Paula Abdul, and my first cassette was Boyz II Men- Cooleyhighharmony. So, hopefully, that clears things up. Check out my IG for some insight into my therapeutic vibe. 

Janette Lotus Heart black_edited_edited_

Does Janette speak Spanish?
¿Janette habla español?

Yes! I do speak Spanish. Actually, the majority of my clients are bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, and our sessions consist of a lot of "Spanglish."

¡Sí! Yo hablo español. En realidad, la mayoría de mis clientes son bilingües, hablan español e inglés, y nuestras sesiones consisten en un montón de "Spanglish".

I have had bad experiences previously with therapists. What makes Janette so different?

I love this question. So, in the movie Late Night, Emma Thompson‘s character brilliantly says. “I hope to earn the privilege of your time.” That’s essentially how I feel about being someone’s therapist... I hope to gain your trust and confidence throughout our time together. I know it won’t happen overnight, especially if you have had a negative experience before seeing me. I understand that the risk of being vulnerable with a stranger is tremendous. I know plenty of people, myself included that have had negative experiences with therapists. It’s such a pain and so disappointing! You worked up the courage and energy to finally talk to someone, filled out the forms, made space in your schedule, and BAM!  They suck... Okay, well, they probably don’t suck, but they aren’t a good fit for you, which is a BIG DEAL. I purposely make time to evaluate if you feel comfortable with me as your therapist. At the end of sessions, particularly with new clients, I check in to see how things are going on your side and how the therapy is working for you. I ask for feedback and inquire about questions you may have regarding our session or work together. If I’m not a good fit for you, that’s completely okay. I am not for everyone. We can definitely talk about this so I can try to point you in the right direction of someone who can support you the way you need. 

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